Bleached Kitten Inkk


Hey there and welcome to my little art page! Its a bit of a gallery and a commission price sheet! Please feel free to check it out and even check out some of my other social media~!



($5 per extra character)


($6.50 per extra character)


($8 per extra character)


(with Color Lines)

($8 per extra character)

Color with Background

(Black or Color Lines)

($10 per extra character)



($3 per extra character)


($5 per extra character)

Reference Sheet

Full Character

This pricing depends on the character and how complicated you want the sheet to look. How much information you want as well.


Full Color
Head Shot

(Unless the character and icon are very complicated)

Special Services

I do a few other types of art, but most I don't post for the public.
I am also a ecchi/hentai artist, however that is all 18+ material. If you're interested that work, please contact me.

I also do something called the Dakimura-Style, mostly used for body pillows. I DO NOT MAKE BODY PILLOWS, only art for them.

I do not post the example work do to the sensitive material, however if you contact me we can discuss more of the "DOs" and "DONTs" of my work.